Halibut/Sablefish |

IFQ October 2022


At the time of this writing, approximately 69% of this year’s halibut TAC has been landed, with significant pounds yet to be harvested in all areas. Ex-vessel prices have remained strong into the fall and winter. Fishing reports have been inconsistent across the board. Sales activity has been slow. Asking prices have declined recently due to reduced demand. We expect transactional volume to increase late in the year, for fished quota.


At the time of this writing, approximately 56% of the sablefish TAC has been landed. Landings have reached 60-70% in most areas, with the exception of AI at only 13%. Quota sales continue to be limited, despite positive reports from the grounds. The next factor to influence the market will likely be the survey results. Availability of unblocked quota remains high, with good buying opportunities for most areas.

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