Halibut/Sablefish |

IFQ May 2024


At the time of this writing the 2024 Halibut season is underway, with approximately 15% of 2C and 10% of 3A allocations already harvested. Ex-vessel price started strong but has weakened slightly. Pre-season sales occurred in most areas but supply of quota for sale has continued to outpace demand. Availability of Halibut QS remains high. We expect quota transactions to remain steady through the spring.


At this time of this writing harvest effort in SE and WY has resulted in the harvest of approximately 20% of the TAC. Effort has been minimal elsewhere. Ex-vessel price remains soft. Quota sales have occurred in SE, CG, and WG. Sellers have reduced asking prices across the board. Availablility of quota for sale remains high. We expect sales acitivity to remain muted until ex-vessel prices improve. The latest is as follows:

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