Halibut/Sablefish |

IFQ July 2022


At the time of this writing, approximately 32% of this year’s halibut TAC has been landed, with the majority of effort focused in 2C and 3A. Ex-vessel prices remain very strong, but there continues to be mixed reports from the grounds. Demand continues to outpace supply for 2C, 3A, and 3B, but activity has slowed as prices increased. Limited activity in areas 4A and 4B despite reduced asking prices. We expect these trends to continue until the fall.


At the time of this writing, approximately 37% of the sablefish TAC has been landed, including 50% of the SE and WY allocations. Prices have shown some signs of improvement since the start of the season, and fishing reports continue to be mostly positive. Low sales activity has continued through the spring and early summer. Availability is high in most areas but Buyers are reluctant to meet asking prices..

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