Halibut/Sablefish |

IFQ January 2024


85% of the Halibut TAC was landed in 2023, with 2.6 million pounds total left in the water. Areas 3A and 3B had 91% of their IFQ landed, Area 2C was 88% landed. 38% of all Area 4 IFQ went unharvested. At the time of this writing we are awaiting 2024 harvest specifcations from the IPHC. We expect market activity will commence once harvesters begin making fish plans for 2024.


60% of the Sablefish TAC was landed in 2023, with 24 million pounds left in the water, the majority of which was allocated to areas AI, BS, and CG. 2023 was a challenging year for haresters with poor ex-vessel prices and low market availability. The market for Sablefish QS in 2023 was virtually nonexistant. We expect market activity to remain limited through 2024 unless ex-vessel prices improve due to unforeseen circumstances.

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