Halibut/Sablefish |

IFQ April 2024


Acitvity for halibut QS has increased in anticipation of the 2024 season. Interest has been highest in 3A, with additional sales negotiations for 2C and 3B. Area 4 continues to lag. Availability in most areas remains high There is some optimism regarding early season ex-vessel price. If price strengthens, we expect the market for halibut QS to remain steady.


As of this writing, the 2024 QSU:IFQ ratios and permits are expected to be released at any time. However, a dark cloud remains over the sablefish IFQ fishery, and there has been very little market activity as a result. With increased harvesting costs and historically low prices, the margins leave little room for purchasing quota, and we expect sales to remain limited until that changes.

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