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Glossary of Abbreviations

  • BBR: Bristol Bay Red Crab
  • BSS: Bering Sea Snow (Opilio) Crab
  • BST: Bering Sea Tanner (Bairdi) Crab
  • CPC: Catcher Processor Crew
  • CVC: Catcher Vessel Crew
  • CVO: Catcher Vessel Owner
  • EAG: Eastern Aleutian Brown Crab
  • EBT: Eastern Bering Sea Tanner (Bairdi) Crab
  • PIK: Pribilof Islands Red and Blue Crab
  • WAG: Western Aleutian Brown Crab
  • WAI: Western Aleutian Islands Red Crab
  • WBT: Western Bering Sea Tanner (Bairdi) Crab

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