Are you interested in selling your boat, permit or IFQ?

If you’ve considered selling your boat, permit, LLP or IFQ, Dock Street Brokers would welcome the opportunity to help. All listings will be published on our website (unless otherwise requested) and vessels will appear in our print catalog. Our standard listings are non-exclusive which means that if we do not find a buyer, you do not owe us any money.

Listing a Vessel

If you are listing a vessel with Dock Street Brokers, we need a listing agreement, a copy of your most recent survey and as many good photos as you can provide, inside and out. Photos are the most useful tool in selling a boat, and the more we have, the better. Also, please provide a list of any equipment or gear on board and what, if any, is not included with the sale of the vessel. Our commission on vessels is 5% on vessels sold for up to $500,000, and for vessels over $500,000 it is 5% of the first $500,000 and 2.5% of anything greater. There is a minimum commission of $1,000 on completed sales. Again, these listings are non-exclusive with no fees if we do not find a buyer. If you would like to list, please click below to download a listing agreement. Upon completion, simply mail or email it to us and we’ll get to work!

Listing Agreement

Listing an IFQ, LLP or Permit

Listing your IFQ, LLP or limited-entry permit with Dock Street Brokers is very simple. We do not require a listing agreement, and you are free to sell on your own with no obligation to Dock Street. If we do find a buyer we charge the following commissions: 

IFQs: 3%
LLPs: 4%
Alaska Permits: 2%
WA, OR or West Coast Permits: 4%
Minimum Commissions: $1,000 on sales of $10k or more, $500 on sales under $10k 

To list your halibut or black cod IFQ, Bering Sea crab rights, your LLP or entry permit, whether it’s an Alaskan salmon or herring permit, Washington or Oregon Dungeness crab, coastal longline or trawl permit, simply click one of the buttons below, complete the form, hit send, and you’re done!


If you have any questions about selling, please feel free to email us or call at 206-789-5101 or 1-800-683-0297 and we’d be happy to help. We look forward to working with you!

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