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Looking to buy or sell something? Please use Dock Street Broker's FREE classified ads page. If you have a boat and are looking to harvest IFQ, or if you have or need deck gear, nets, electronics, etc. you can submit your ad to us by email at and we will post it. We can include an appropriate photo as well. Photos should be sent in jpeg format (.jpg or .jpeg). Make sure to include your contact information as you would like it posted in the ad. All ads will be deleted after six months unless otherwise requested.

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F/V Alaska Provider

Submitted: 4/17/24

171’x40’ steel vessel available for research/fisheries charters. Based in Seattle. Accommodations for up to (28) total, including provided USCG licensed Master, First Mate, and Chief Engineer. Vessel and staff comply with all subject USCG requirements. (6) crew staterooms with accommodations for (25). Additional captain’s and engineer’s quarters. Spacious galley and mess, (3) common washrooms, and laundry room. Ample storage and workshop space. Deck equipment includes fore and aft trawl gantries, port and starboard knuckle cranes. Currently configured for trawling. Compliant with all safety regulations. Large freezer cargo holds. Powered by twin Mitsubishi S12R mains, (3) John Deere auxiliaries. Comprehensive electronics. Available for immediate charter work. Contact Aaron at 206-789-5101.

F/V Resurrection

Submitted: 1/25/24

Halibut IFQ charter. 50' length. 3A, 3B, C class. Call Severean 907-539-5113

F/V Yarrow

Submitted: 1/11/24

Looking to lease 2C and 3A Halibut, all classes, as well as Chatham Sablefish. Vessel is 35x14 and very comfortable. Set up for snap on. Competitive rates with a flexible schedule. EMT or Walk on. Contact: Luke Thorington 206-595-3432

R/V Miss Linda

Submitted: 12/1/23

R/V Miss Linda has a long list of reputable clients conducting programs from Oregon to Alaska . It is a well-qualified vessel able to support all types of operations such as oil and mining exploration, environmental clean-up, oceanographic research, mooring deployment/recoveries, site hazard surveys, eco-tourism activities and many other maritime operations. vessel size 78' x 22' x10' 123 net ton. built in 1989 by Master Boat Builders Inc. the main engine is a cummins KT19 500HP. there are two John Deere 70kw generators. fuel capacity is 10,000 gal & freshwater capacity of 3,500. R/V Miss Linda is also equipped with a decompression chamber for dive operations. For details and questions please contact Captain Tim at cellular number 207-831-0119

R/V Two Sisters

Submitted: 12/1/23

R/V Two Sisters has a long list of reputable clients conducting programs from Oregon to Alaska . It is a well-qualified vessel able to support all types of operations such as oil and mining exploration, environmental clean-up, oceanographic research, mooring deployment/recoveries, site hazard surveys, eco-tourism activities and many other maritime operations. vessel size 53' x 17' x 8' , 52 gtr ton. built in 1978 in Charleston OR. the main engine is a 3408 caterpillar raited @ 390HP. there are two generators one being a 70kw John Deere and the other being a northern lights 22kw. fuel capacity is 3,500 gal & freshwater capacity of 500gal.R/V Two Sisters is also equipped with a decompression chamber for dive Capt. Tim with any questions at cellular number 207-831-0119

F/V Tanya M

Submitted: 10/13/23

50' vessel with 60k capacity. 3A and 3B, Central Gulf sablefish. Call 907-299-4693 for rates.

F/V Provider

Submitted: 7/17/23

Looking to fish IFQ halibut 3B/3A, can go combo as well. Looking for clients asap. Packs 25k halibut well iced. Boat is nice and comfy and equipped with Starlink wifi so you can stream movies while we make you money. or 907 435 4184

F/V Image

Submitted: 5/16/23

48x15.5. Hook & line and slinky pots. 4A, 3B, BS, CG, WG, and WY. Private stateroom for walk ons. Call or text 907 308 9286.

F/V Cavalier

Submitted: 4/6/23

14x32. Ready and standing by to fish your halibut IFQs. 3A and 3B. All class. Walk on or hired skipper. Packing capacity at 20k. Contact Captain David at 907 299 4780. or email at

F/V Navigator

Submitted: 3/20/23

F/V Navigator based out of Seward, Alaska looking for 3A Halibut to catch, walk ons available, set snap-on and blinkers. Contact Eros Kuzmin @ 907 268 7910.

F/V Fortune

Submitted: 2/13/23

FV Fortune is ready to harvest your IFQs. Very fast and very efficient operation. It's a comfortable clean and safe boat to be on! Vessel is set up for slinky pots and hook and line. Competitive rates, call Anthony Sine 907-738-zero nine three six.

F/V Tsiu

Submitted: 2/10/23

58' IFQ charter vessel available for EMT, walk-ons, and hired master. Looking to fish A, B, and C class quota in CG,WY, and SE. Set up for slinky pots and snap on. Private stateroom with starlink. Rates vary by area. Contact Dane Tebo. Call, text and WhatsApp (757) 534-8712.

F/V Freja Dawn

Submitted: 3/2/22

The Freyja Dawn is a 48' Whaleback Delta LeClercq longliner available to fish WY sablefish and 3A halibut, B & C class. Set up for snap or fixed longline and slinky pot gear; combo trips available. Packs 40k blackcod, 35k halibut. Open to EMT/Covid transfers/walk-ons; private state room available. Experienced skipper and crew based in Cordova, close to fishing grounds. Competitive rates, for details call Make at (907) 346-7838 or email at

F/V Bavaria

Submitted: 2/24/22

54' steel longliner set up with slinky pots. Looking to fish SE, WY, and CG black cod and 2C and 3B halibut. Contact Josh Rhoades 907 942 2450 email:

F/V Dream Girl

Submitted: 2/3/22

F/V Dream Girl is looking to fish your quota in WY, CG, 3A, 2C-A,B & C class quota. EMT or walk-on with private stateroom. Open availability spring, summer and fall of 2022. Experienced skipper and crew. Any questions contact Blair Martens (907) 738-5868 or

F/V Maneewan

Submitted: 1/31/22

42' troller longliner available to fish 2C and 3A halibut, SE blackcod and Clarence Strait blackcod. The Maneewan is set to longline pots as well as hooks. Contact Wesley Slattery call or text (907) 617-9089 or (907) 821-3559. Email at Call or email for rates and schedule.

F/V Eric - 38' IFQ Charter Vessel

*Competitive Rates Due to Direct Market Sales*

Submitted: 3/4/21

Available to fish, "C class" - 2C Halibut: May 15th - June 15th (possible availability in October). 20% flat fee (based on cannery pricing at time of fishing). Looking for medical transfers and covid hired master transfers. Owners: Peter and Chelsea Keutmann. Cell phone: 907-518-1390. Email:

Barges Available for Lease

Submitted: 10/8/20

Navy-built steel See Bee Lash barges available for lease. Built by Lykes in New Orleans, LA in 1970. Very little use and maintained to United States Navy standards. Dimensions: 97.5' x 35', with draft of 2' - 10.5'. Recently inspected inside and out, found to be in above-average condition. Regularly maintained. Currently moored in the San Francisco Bay area. Transportation costs to AK have been estimated at appx $18k per day. Insurance required to be held by Lessee prior to any delivery. Minimum lease period of 30 days with flexibility for long-term lease. Lease fee estimated at $1500 per day per barge, app $16 per foot, per day. Purchase options considered. Asking $450,000 for purchase. Photos available. Inquires can be directed to Aaron at 206-789-5101.

F/V Predator

Submitted: 6/9/20

59 x 19. 2C, 3A, 3B, SE, WY, CG, A, B, & C class quota. EMT or walk-on with private stateroom. Able to do combo pots and hook line trips. Experienced skipper, professional crew. Interested in long-term contracts. Patrick Lane (907) 299-4595.

F/V Ilona B

Submitted: 5/29/20

56' steel longliner looking to fish halibut in 2C and 3A. Private stateroom. Rates are negotiable. (907)738-1902 or

F/V El Vencedor

Submitted: 5/29/20

1989/1990 65'x20' steel tender vessel looking for any tender/freight/dungeness dump boat opportunities. 40-ton RSW system. Packs 115k#, (2x) Crane's, very well maintained vessel! Any questions? Please feel free to contact Chris or Dan. Chris@ (760) 8778041/ Dan@

F/V Automatic

Submitted: 4/21/20

48x13. Area 3A, 3B, 4A, 4C and 4D halibut. WY, WG and CR sablefish. Call for rates, walk on or hired skipper. Dia Kuzmin owner operator. Cell 907-399-3070. Email

F/V Epic

Submitted: 4/10/20

34 x 12 Epic. 3A Halibut. 40%. Based in Yakutat. Fast, comfortable day fishing. Free, beautiful accommodations. Families welcome! For more details visit Vincent Jasobson (907) 723-3551 

F/V Norfjord

Submitted: 4/10/20

The Norfjord is a 50 foot wood longliner that packs 20,000lbs. We are looking to fish SE Sablefish, 2C and 3A Halibut. Rates are negotiable. Courtney Howard (920) 918-1454.

M/V Unalaq

Submitted: 3/4/20

150' landing craft M/V Unalq is available for charter, Seward, Alaska. Services include: Freight, cargo, equipment transport. Remote lodging, dining and project support. Open ocean and near shore geo survey work. Fiber optic cable instillation. Sea floor mapping. USCG and ABS inspected/certified. Passenger accommodations for 10 guests in 5 staterooms, can be increased to 26 utilizing deck housing mods. Crew accommodations for 4-6 in 4 staterooms. Commercial galley with dining/seating for 24. At sea endurance: approximately 50 days running a 24 hour per day operation.  Please contact Bowhead Transport: 1-800-347-0049. Email: Bowhead Transport GM, Captain Chris Palle cell: 541-905-5204

F/V Voyager

Submitted: 2/13/20

42 x 14 Voyager. Packs 15,000 lbs. 3A & #b Halibut. CG & WY Black cod. Call or text for rates. Boat is located in Homer. Mark Reutov (907) 299-5359

F/V Pacific Bounty

Submitted: 2/13/20

The FV Pacific Bounty is available to fish your quota. 50' steel vessel with knowledgeable captain and young hard working crew. We have openings in SE, WY Clarence Strait and Chatham Strait for the 2020 black cod season and 2C and 3A halibut. Call Dugan at (907) 617-2506 or email at

F/V Olympic

Submitted: 1/17/20

FV Olympic is looking for halibut quota to fish (2C, 3A). The vessel has a guaranteed contract for sablefish with some room to take on additional SE black cod quota. 54' steel seiner/longliner. Boat schedule is March-June 1st (SE Longline). Summer: SE Alaska purse seine. Fall: Longline clean up trips. Call Travis Anderson: 206-306-3367 Email:

F/V Adamant and F/V Intangible

submitted: 12/31/19

F/V Adamant with Sablefish pots, F/V Intangible with Mustard Autoline available to catch 2020 Sablefish and Halibut IFQs, March til July. Point of contact, email:

F/V Assassin

submitted: 10/8/19

Medical transfer, hired skipper, walk-ons welcome.  Packs 25,000 lbs.  Halibut 3A, 3B all classes.  Unbeatable rates.  Dedicated to quality fish and top dock price.  David Ivanov 907-399-1698

F/V Halcyon

submitted: 07/12/2019

Available to fish your CG and WG sablefish.  Fishing October 2019 from Kodiak and Sand Point.  Pots only.  28 foot wide new vessel.  Experienced professional captain and crew.  Get it done.  Don't feed whales.  Contact 907-299-0112 fv Halycon

F/V Iron Don

submitted: 07/12/2019

155’ steel tender vessel looking for any tender/freight charter opportunities. 95’x30’ deck with (3) 7-ton cranes. Packs 375k# with (2) 50-ton RSW systems. Well-equipped engine room, accommodates up to 12. Call Levi at 682-239-0186.

F/V Lucas

submitted: 1-19-2018

L58’xW20’xD5’ Seiner/Tender/Work boat. Knuckle cranes on both sides. Deck space L35’ x W20. Diesel transfer pump 30Gal/hr on either side, able to pack gas tank. Automatic Transvac fish pump and Marco 10” Capsul Pump U400. Cost Recovery Rigged for Seining. 29’ Marco Gripper and Pilkington Deck winch. Hydros: 120 GPMs to the deck. Main burns 7 Gal per hour. 8kts Auxilary Gen. New Jon Deere burns 1.3 gal chilling. 60 Tons Herring 115k Mixed Salmon 4. Super insulated fish holds with sloped floors for easy offload. Easy to portion deliveries and fish species. Satellite Phone, tag phone, Cell/Wifi/4gLTE booster. Equipped with two sonars, Dual Furuno Depth sounder, 70Mile Radar, AIS, multiple VHFS. Five bunk stateroom, Captains stateroom, Life raft, and 9ft Rib with 15hp out board. Available for Herring, or Dungeness. Currently looking for work from mid August to May. Family Owner Operation: Daniel M Patterson Cell 602 four five one 0889 Email