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Hughes Sat Transceiver With Handset for Sale

Submitted: 5/13/22

Works fine. $2000. OBO 360 201 2487.

12" Pot Hauler for Sale

Submitted: 5/11/22

12” pot hauler with davit & control valve. $3,500. Jeff 206-446-0053

Aluminum Gillnet Rollers for Sale

Submitted: 5/11/22

$1,500. Jeff 206-446-0053

Galvanized Boom for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22

20 ft. heavy duty galvanized boom with winch mount and stay tabs, $400, ph.# 805-441-7782

Hydraulic Pump for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22

Spencer fluid power hydraulic var. vol. pump PCF 421-LBB, cu. in./rev 4.21, rpm 2500, psi 3000, $700 Ph. # 805-441-7782

Carrier Refrigeration Compressor for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22

Carrier refrigeration compressor with spencer fluid piston motor with mounting bracket, $1000, ph.# 805-441-7782

2 Aluminum Cylinders for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22
1/4 in. thick, 3 ft. diameter, 4 ft. tall, great for small bait tank, $300, ph. # 805-441-7782

2 Drag Boat Drums for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22

7 ft. wide, 6 ft. end diameter, heavily built, $800 each, ph.# 805-441-7782

20 Ton IMS Blast Freezer for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22

I used this for three Tuna seasons then sold the boat and kept this for my new boat. Been in storage for a couple years and decided not to use it. Fully automatic controls with Manual override. Has soft start and hot gas defrost. Has two evaporators. This is a complete system minus the condenser pump. It was in a very large boat with poor insulation and it managed to freeze 400 to 500 tuna per day down to -40. Wanting 40K for it but give me your best offer. Gary 503 801 5102

Gillnet Corks for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22

.75 cents each 360 220-5968

Forfjord Anchor for Sale

Submitted: 5/9/22

160 pound $1400. 360 220-5968

Seine Corks for Sale

Submitted 5/9/22

Seine corks $1.50 each 360 220-5968

Wanted to Purchase: 200 Dungeness Crab Pots

Submitted: 5/6/22

100-120#, 40-44". Partial lots ok. Tim Gervais (907) 468-1111.

Nordic Machine Net Reel for Sale

Submitted: 5/6/22

8 feet wide x 6 foot flanges. Stout as heck. 3/8" spun flanges. 70:1 Fairfield Reduction, coupled to a two speed stacked Commercial motor. Hydrocontrol Valve. Rebuilt 2019, re-sealed, blasted and metaled. $40k OBO. Located Charleston, OR. Can haul. Jake 401-742-9187.

Boom Pin for Sale

Submitted: 4/28/22

2 1/2 inch pin. 1 1/2 inch bolt. Never used. Built by Buck at A&am Services. $800. Call or text Steve 206 696-1829.

4 Marco Purse Blocks for Sale

Submitted: 4/27/22

All in good working order. One hasn't been used. $600.00 each. 360 220-5968

Insulated Tote for Sale

Submitted: 4/27/22

$550.00 360 220-5968

Stainless Bait Cans for Sale

Submitted: 4/27/22

Fully rigged with hooks. Very little use. $2.50 each. 360 220-5968

90 FA of Lead Line with Chafing Gear for Sale

Submitted: 4/27/22

Mostly 7 pound with some 8. Excellent shape. $1500.00 360 220-5968

June Valves for Crab Boat for Sale

Submitted: 4/27/22

It's the block and davit mounted on a plate. Worked fine when I took them off. $250.00 360 220-5968

Purse Seining Rollers for Sale

Submitted: 4/15/22

Asking $2,000.00 each. Contact Troy Blix@ 360-560-6945 if you should have further questions.

Southeast Salmon Seine for Sale

Submitted: 4/11/22

250 FA X 4 1/4 deep 10 pound lead line always tarped $12,000.00 360 220-5968

Two Pilkington Pursing Blocks for Sale

Submitted: 4/11/22

Galvanized steel open face pursing blocks with 7.5" aluminum sieve. $700 ea. 360-325-2410

Gear for Sale

Submitted: 4/7/22

All gear came off working, nothing missing, bottom fish net on drum, one used shrimp net, one unused shrimp net, have hopper needs reassemble, overall good shape. $40,000, license is separate 360-580-9324

Picking Boom for Sale

Submitted: 4/5/22

Galvanized steel, 22 ft long with strongbacks. Gooseneck. Topping winch included, PL-5 not included. $4000. Pick up in Seattle. Contact Greg,

100 Ladner Conical Sablefish Traps for Sale

Submitted: 4/4/22

32” x 54” x 30” approximately 60 pds $100 each good condition. For photos & more information call Scott at 15419912851

2 Volvo Penta Engines and 2 Hamilton Jet Drives for Sale

Submitted: 4/4/22

2 Volvo Penta TAMD61A 330 horsepower marine diesel engines with motor mounts, both running great. 1 engine was completely rebuilt and now has 1,000 hours (with brand new fuel injectors) and both have recently had aftercoolers cleaned. Asking CDN$10,000 and CDN$3,000 respectively. 2 Hamilton 273 marine jet propulsion drives with reverse buckets and rams and universal drive shafts. Asking CDN$7,000 each. Located in Steveston Harbour (south of Vancouver) BC, Canada. Please contact Justin Taylor at 604-318-0980 for further inquiries. 

Looking for Hair Crab Pots

Submitted: 4/4/22

Wanted to buy Hair crab pots. Contact

Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Core for Sale

Submitted: 4/1/22

Working takeout. I keel cooled my 871 so no longer needed. Fits 53 and 71 series. Located in Seattle. $350. Call or text Steve (206)696-1829.

Winch for Sale

Submitted: 3/30/22

Would be great for blk cod pot fishing.New bearings, 2 10000 charlin motors, and new hydro valves, hoses. 7500$ Stuart @541 290 8042

509 Gear for Sale

Submitted: 3/30/22

509 gear with pto 3.83 ratio 5000$. Call Stuart 541 290 8042

Used Condenser for Sale

Submitted: 3/29/22

Made by Standard Refrigeration. Needs to be flushed and evacuated. Suitable for about a 20 ton system. Model and specs are highlighted in photo. Used three summer seasons. Located Seattle, $500 Call or text Steve (206) 696-1829.

Hung Lite Use Bristol Bay Gear for Sale

Submitted: 3/29/22

4 7/8" 32blite and ys19lite heavy leads 4000 for 5 25fthm pieces. Dave @ 707.951 4763

Anchor Winch, Mitsubishi Engine, Twin Disc Gear for Sale

Submitted: 3/28/22

Rebuilt Harrison Robbins anchor winch aluminum case with a galvanized steel drum would be suitable for up to a 60' boat. $10,000. Mitsubishi 12 cylinder engine Model S12A2-NOTA 1000 HP. Was running when removed form boat. $15,000. Twin Disc Gear Model 530 Gear Ratio 4.94-1. $15,000. Scott Dunn 250 218-4312.

Trolling Gear for Sale

Submitted: 3/23/22

Pole support cables and hardware, turnbuckles, pulleys and rings. They were used on a 36k troller. $40.00 OBO. 3604210506.

Jabsco Par Max 2.9 Electric Fresh Water Pump for Sale

Submitted: 3/22/22

12 Vold, $75.00, call Pat at 206-200-7589

Chesapeak by Dickerson Diesel Heater for Sale

Submitted: 3/22/22

$325.00, call Pat at 206-200-7589

Buoy-O-Boy Floatation Work Suits for Sale

Submitted: 3/22/22

$150.00 each, have a size XL and a size M, call Pat at 206-200-7589

Northern Lights 8KW Genset for Sale

Submitted: 3/22/22

Unit is single phase and puts out clean 60hz power. This unit was well taken care of and was a running takeout due to replacement with larger genset. 15,561 hrs. Included: Control panel w/gauges and corresponding cable and sound enclosure. $4,600 OBO. Unit located in Sitka, AK. Seller will help arrange delivery. (907) 738-6030

Marco Hanging Purse Block for Sale

Submitted: 3/18/22

Marco hanging purse block, $750.00, call Pat at 206-200-7589

Volvo AD41P-A for Sale

Submitted: 3/15/22

Approximately 1800 hours since rebuild. Replaced fuel injection pump last year. 3 injectors currently not firing. Got quotes $1500 to fix. DuoProp 290 in good shape with similar hours. Replaced U-joints, bellows last fall. Small leak on lift cylinder on the transom shield. Comes with transom shield, spare filters, belts, props, 2 Teleflex Morse cable controls and 2 SeaStar steering stations. Location - Port Angeles, WA. Can deliver within a reasonable distance. $5000 OBO. 9073823270

Thermal King Unit for Sale

Submitted: 3/14/11

Self contained with power plant, diesel, 2098 hours. $3500.00. Call Pat at 206-200-7589

WESCOLD Chiller for Sale

Submitted: 2/14/22

60 ton, good shape. 8'8" across x 47" tall x 17 1/2" depth x 8" inlet (in and out). $3900.00. Call Pat at 206-200-7589.

Hydraulic Driven Pacer Pump Unused for Sale

Submitted: 3/11/22

3" 280 gpm. Message or call Mat 5412640923. $250. Located in Newport Oregon.

Color Sounder Furuno FCV-2 for Sale

Submitted: 3/11/22

50-200 khz. Message or call Matt at 5412640923. $350

Diesel Stove for Sale

Submitted: 3/10/22

Adriatic by Dickinson. Taking up space in my storage unit for 8 yes. $500 text or call Matt at 5412640923. Located in Newport Oregon.

15 Ton IMS Chiller Tube & 5F30 Carrier Compressor for Sale

Submitted: 3/9/22

$5k for the Chiller & $4K for the compressor. Only 4 PWS salmon seasons on both. I also have condenser & other RSW part available. Located in Bellingham. Contact Rob 360-510-8607.

Ammonia Vacuum Pump for Sale

Submitted: 3/8/22

$500. Runs great. For more information, please contact Peter at (425) 864-1911.

Recently Rebuilt Purse Seine Davit for Sale

Submitted: 3/3/22

$500. Contact Peter Nornes at (425) 864-1911.

9" Stainless Steel Gypsy for Sale

Submitted: 3/3/22

$1,000.00 Contact Peter Nornes at (425) 864-1911.

Hydraulic Driven Deming Pump for Sale

Submitted: 3/3/22

Good working order. $1,000.00. Contact Peter Nornes at (425) 864-1911.

John Deere Starters for Sale

Submitted: 3/3/22

Total of 2 for sale at $150.00 each. Contact Peter Nornes at (425) 864-1911.

400 Foot Pound Magnetic Clutch for Sale

Submitted: 3/3/22

3 years old. Contact Peter Nornes at (425) 864-1911.

Stanford 60 KW Generator for Sale

Submitted: 3/3/22

12,000 hours. $1000.00. Contact Peter Nornes at (425) 864-1911.

Complete Cod/Crab Set Up for Sale

Submitted: 3/2/22

(60) 6.5' x 6.5' Dungeness Gear Works pots- 750#- (3) sock tunnels with pucker doors; top loading bait bins- 2-3 shots of line each. complete with buoys, trailers, new bridles, etc. 24" Yaquina hauler, Yaquina bait chopper, JK Fab articulating davit, Kolstrand pot launcher. Folding sort table and Shelter deck. Set up for large 58' vessel. All bait bags, associated gear and pot hauling equipment complete on trailer. Call or text - (907) 299-2081.

Looking to buy WASSP Transducer

Submitted: 2/24/22

Looking for a transducer for a WMB 160 WASSP system. Butch 7707 128146

Simplex Trolling Gurdies for Sale

Submitted: 2/24/22

Pair of Simplex Trolling Gurdies for sale. Always worked well for me. Great condition. $2,000. Jeff (206) 446-0053

7.5 KW Hydraulic Cruise Generator for Sale

Submitted: 2/15/22

Generator with Spencer hydraulic piston motor. Sweet setup. Will ship. (907) 321-2529

SE Seine for Sale


250ftmx400md #15 & #18 web mostly less than two seasons old. 12lb leadline, with 10lb on the wing ends. Pacific Master corkline with Spectra 7/8" on the wing ends. BL5's and BL6's on the wing end, half purse and bunt end. New Spectra rolling panel. Re-hung by Jack & Joes 2019 only used two seasons. $25,000. Located in Ketchikan. Jason 360-927-5600

Caterpillar 3406B Industrial Engine for Sale

Submitted: 2/10/22

3406B industrial engine (487 HP @ 1800 PRM). 7,695 hours. Ran when removed from service. Was a standby unit for DC generator. Located in Kodiak, can possibly arrange transport to Oregon coast in April. $12,000 OBO. Jake: C:401-742-9187

Wanted: Cat 3208

Submitted: 2/7/22

Wanted cat 3208 for f/v with or without reduction gear please contact Mike at 907 386 6298

20 Ton IMS/Raincountry Deck Mounted RSW Unit for Sale

Submitted: 2/4/22

20 ton unit, IMS cupro-nickel tube, Carrier semi-hermetic compressor, 2" condenser pump, charged with R-507. Will include automatic head pressure regulating valve as well. Fully automated controls, mounted inside a waterproof enclosure. Built in 2018, the unit has seen approximately 3 months of collective usage (summertime tendering). I fabricated the aluminum weathertight deck skid Ported for 3" inlet/oulet, and wired to a 25 foot 5 wire 208 3 phase plug. Completely "plus and play" solution for RSW. Will come supplied with 3" union style PVC ball valves/90 degree stainless 3" fittings. Located in Kodiak, can be transported to Coos Bay, Oregon in April. $42,000.00 - OBO. Jake: Cell: 401-742-9187

Generator wanted

Submitted: 2/3/22

40kw Isuzu or similar, or good 4bg1 Isuzu motor or similar engine to replace mine that failed. 541 961 9266 

Twin Disk 514 Running Take Out for Sale

Submitted: 1/28/22

4.5 to 1 twin disk 514, running take out 778 836 2990

Fish/Bait Grinder for Sale

Submitted: 1/28/22

Fish/bait grinder, 778 836 2990

Vitek Power Block for Sale

Submitted: 1/28/22

Vitek power block, good condition, new motor, best offer over 2k, Marty @ 360 301 0531.

Skid Mounted Mitsubishi Genset for Sale

Submitted: 1/27/22

I used it for a summer in Bristol Bay as a backup genset. Fire up and ran without any problems. Contract changed and I want to move it along. New breaker in the panel and voltage regulator on the Stamford. Radiator cooled. It is located in the indoor storage in Sitka, next to Silver Bay Seafoods. $3000 Thomas Sigmond 360-531-4665

Wanted: Cummins 6BTA rated at 315 hp

Submitted: 1/24/22

Running takeout or better. ZF-280 gear would be ideal, but not necessary. Please call or text Dustin at: 907-518-436Nine.

Skid Mounted RSW for Sale

Submitted: 1/24/22

Running take out. R22 is either 30 or 40 ton system. (907) 491-1092 (907) 831-6365 After march response times can be long we're out fishing

Shift Blocks,Trolling Valve & More for Sale

Submitted: 1/14/22

1 ZF Marine EB-15 Shift Block. 1 ZF Marine MB-15 Shift Block. 1 ZF PTO J744 B Pad. 1 Twin Disk MG507 Trolling Valve. 1 Twin Disk MG5061 #3 BH 1.48-1 Ratio. Contact Brad Markusen at 360-371-0430.

California Lobster/Crab Pots for Sale

Submitted: 1/11/22

USA made RIVERDALE wire, 2"x4", welded, galvanized, vinyl coated. Pots are 36"x28"x16". 100 pots are available, want to sell all in one lot. $60.00 per pot or OBO. Will deliver to greater LA area, Santa Barbara south. Text 206-853-4621, Bob.

King Net for Sale

Submitted: 1/5/22

King net 140 deep. 300 long. Mono/miracle used nice. $1,500. 360-770-1300

Twin Disc 506 Trolling Valve for Sale

Submitted: 1/5/22

Twin Disc 506 trolling valve with 0 hours on dealer recondition. Shifter also available. $1400. Message 2066961896

Samson Lead Line for Sale

Submitted: 12/22/21

Mostly #6, some 8#. Various lengths, enough for a complete seine. Located at Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle. $1/pound. Contact

Looking for a Volvo TAMD72A

Submitted: 12/22/21

Would consider a TAMD72WJA. Andy Zuanich 3609618570

Marco 26" Powerblock for Sale

Submitted: 12/4/21

Marco 26" open face block with rubber cleats and also spare aluminum cleats for 10,000 call or text 360-220-4406.

2018 Sonar for Sale

Submitted: 12/4/21

2018- MAQ 60 khz fully stabilized sonar with hoist. Brand new condition. Asking $35,000. (East coast) Call Hank Lackner 516-356-3121.

Wanted: 50 West Coast Dungeness Crab Pots

Submitted: 12/14/21

38", 100 pound pots, prefer Bakerview crab pots or Trilogy crab pots. 206-852-3541

Sitka Sac Roe Net for Sale

Submitted: 12/9/21

200 fathoms long. 1700 meshes deep. Body web is #12 1 1/2 inch web, virtually unused. 1 strip of salmon web. Bunt is 1 1/4 x 20 f deep. 14 Lb lead line with a rib line. Corkline is Ocean master with solid ee 20 corks on bunt 100 f. Set up to full purse from both ends of from one end. The net is in perfect condition. Asking 60 k. Net is located in Petersburg. Call or text to 907-518-1358.

Pilkington Deck Winch for Sale

Submitted: 12/7/21

Asking 10k. Two speed motor drum style winch with both capstans. Rated at 14,000 line pull and can keep any pace. Fishermens terminal Seattle. Six 02 four 51 zero 889.

Two Twin Disc 7075SC Reduction Gears for Sale

Submitted: 11/30/21

Two Twin Disc 7075SC 1.33:1 reduction gears with 700 hours. They have live PTO's and there are 2 Eaton 4.8 CID pumps available. $10,000 for the pair and $12,500 with both hydraulic pumps. Call Aaron at 206-789-5101

Transvac 3310 for Sale

Submitted: 11/30/21

30 hp 208 3ph electric. Fully Automatic. Located in Astoria, OR. $18,000. 360-303-6936

Vitek Power Block for Sale

Submitted: 11/23/21

Vitek power block, $2950. 360-920-7632

Freezer Box for Sale

Submitted: 11/23/21

Freezer box, self contained, aluminum freezer plates plus holding area, can easily switch over to live prawns. $15000 778 836 2990

SE Salmon Seine for Sale

Submitted: 11/17/21

Last used 2013, put away clean and soaped. Can't remember how many meshes deep, but it's 250 F long. Stored in Sequim. Text Ray at 360-808-1555. $4k obo.

Hydraulic Spooler Drive for Sale

Submitted: 11/17/21

Used hydraulic spooler drive, with new pilkington chain wild cat, 778 836 2990.

Gorman-Rupp Oil Transfer Pump for Sale

Submitted: 11/12/21

New 10gpm oil transfer pump with Leeson 1.5hp motor 110v or 208/230v. 1 inch ports. Does not need a motor starter. $1000 O.B.O. Located in Bellingham. Call 360-420-7235.

Westfalia Separator for Sale

Submitted: 11/12/21

Drive gear is shot so for parts only unless you want to rebuild it. $500 O.B.O. Located in Bellingham. Call 360-420-7235.

Large Fish Pump Tank for Sale

Submitted: 11/12/21

12" stainless fish pump tank would make great cod pump. 4 1/2ft diameter by 8ft length. Located in Bellingham $5000 O.B.O. Call 360-420-7235.

Engine for Sale

Submitted: 11/5/21

NTA-855-M 350 hp @ 1800. 19,000 hrs on in fame. New cam and rollers 3,000 hrs ago. New turbo about 4,000 hrs ago. Spare fuel pump and intercooler core. Available mid-December Anacortes. $4000.00 Text 360-981-0214