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  1. Watch this page - This relates to your member interests. You can choose to be notified of any updates or additions to this category of listings (Permits, LLPs, IFQs, Crab). Based on which boxes you have checked in the "My Interests" page, when updates or new listings are made in this category, they will be listed under the appropriate heading on your member home page. Additionally, if you have checked the Notifications by Email box at the bottom of the "My Interests" page, you will receive information about those new and updated listings in your email when a scheduled notification is sent by Dock Street Brokers.
  2. Glossary - If there are any acronyms associated with the page you are viewing, the "Glossary" icon will appear at the top of the page. This simply links to the glossary of terms at the bottom of the page which is specific to this category of listings (Permits, LLPs, IFQs, Crab).
  3. Help - That is what you clicked on to get here.
  4. Sellers: If you have an item that you would like to list for sale you can click this button and enter your listing information on the subsequent page.
  5. Watchlist - This flags a specific listing and places it on your home page where it is easier to monitor.
  6. Contact - Click here to send Dock Street an email regarding this item.

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